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Our Innovative Approach

Investment Access

We lower the entry barriers, making property investment feasible for more investors.

New Modes of Liquidity

We offer a secondary market for trading property shares, providing flexible liquidity opportunities.

Streamlined Management

We handle the hassle of property management, mortgages, and leases, for an efficient investment experience.

Data Accessibility

We provide in depth real estate data, making it easier for investors to make informed decisions.

Founded in 2019, Landa is on a mission to transform real estate investing into an effortless experience.

Our Founding Story

We believe that real estate is the most exciting asset class in the world:
  • Consistent Cash Flow
  • Stability with Lower Volatility Compared to Equities
  • Tangible Asset Value
  • Massive Market Size
  • Inflation Protection
  • Diversification Potential

Breaking Barriers

Though, there are significant barriers of entry within the real estate market blocking potential investors:
  • Overwhelming initial requirements- extensive know-how, capital, and legal complexities required to start
  • Knowledge Gaps- understanding real estate-specific metrics like cap rates, tax nuances, and more
  • Liquidity Constraints- challenges in buying and selling properties
  • Maintenance Burdens- ongoing, costly, and time-consuming property upkeep

Building a Solution

Landa was created to redefine real estate investing, making it accessible and feasible for everyone:
  • Low Entry Point- start investing with as little as $5
  • Accessible Insights- easy-to-understand insights for steady income
  • Equal Opportunity- equity in properties, democratizing real estate wealth

Just the Beginning

As a Landa investor, you're equipped with exceptional investing capabilities.
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