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Costs and Fees

Once an offer is finalized, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of all charges, costs, and your net proceeds.

Service fee

We charge a 5% fee on every home we buy, similar to a real estate agent's commission.

Filing fee

The filing fee covers the costs of securitizing the property in order to allow investors to buy and sell shares.

Closing costs

These costs are standard in every home sale and include expenses such as title insurance and appraisal fees.

Net proceeds

This is the net amount you'll receive after all charges and costs have been deducted.

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Frequently asked questions

What investment property financing options does Landa offer?

Landa offers competitive investment property financing options, including both long-term and short-term loans, for residential investment properties. Our financing solutions cater to single-family and multi-family properties, providing investors with investment mortgage loans tailored to their real estate investment needs. Through our streamlined process, investors can easily secure these investment mortgage loans for their real estate investments.

How competitive are Landa's mortgage rates for investment properties?

At Landa, we strive to provide competitive investment property mortgage rates for our investment mortgages lenders. Our platform simplifies the process of obtaining investment property financing and investment mortgage loans.

How does Landa connect investors with investment mortgages lenders?

Landa connects investors with investment mortgages lenders, enabling them to benefit from the potential returns of investment property financing. Our platform offers a transparent and efficient way to invest in rental properties and participate in the profits generated by investment mortgage loans.

Is Landa secure?

Sensitive, personal, and otherwise identifying details, such as your social security number, are secured using military-grade (AES SHA256 HMAC) encryption during transit and at rest. We never have access to your bank login credentials. Our applications securely communicate with our servers using the Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) protocol with best-practice configurations and ciphers.