How do we make money?

Our compensation structure is straightforward - no hidden fees.

Property Management Fee
Up to 8% of the gross rent. The exact breakdown is 8% for single-family residences and 5% for multi-family properties. This fee applies only if the property is leased. It covers the day-to-day management of the property, searching for and screening potential residents, and the maintenance of the property to ensure it remains in top condition.
Acquisition Fee
Up to 6% of the property purchase cost (one-time fee). This fee covers our operational and administrative expenses and includes behind-the-scenes work. Our team of experts is dedicated to hunting for properties, conducting research, underwriting, and closing.
Transaction Fee
Up to $2 per instant deposit/withdrawal transaction. This fixed fee applies to each instant deposit or withdrawal, facilitating expedited access to funds. It covers the operational costs associated with providing this service.
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