Take your property public with Landa

We can IPO your residential investment properties on our platform.

Sell investment property with us

We buy rental properties in top markets across the U.S.

Simplify Your Experience

By streamlining the process, Landa enables its network of investors to purchase shares, while managing all aspects of property maintenance and leasing, ensuring a hassle-free investment experience and continuous value generation.

Investment Options

Collaborating with leading lenders to facilitate up to 65% financing per property, reducing upfront costs for investors. Equity is funded by our investor community, making investment opportunities more accessible and diversified.

Rigorous Property Vetting

Landa's evaluation ensures that each property listed meets high standards of quality and investment potential, providing assurance to investors and enhancing the integrity of our platform.

How does it work?

When it comes to selling investment property with Landa the process is simple.

Submit property information

It's easy and quick to submit your residential investment property or portfolio for Direct Listing. Our streamlined process ensures you can get started by completing our simple submission form with details about your property.

We’ll review the details

Our team will review to ensure your property meets our quality and investment potential criteria. If your property passes the initial review, we will reach out to you for any additional information needed to complete the evaluation process.

Calculating the estimate

We provide fast and thorough estimates, giving you a clear understanding of the offers you can expect. With our detailed analysis, you’ll have all the information you need to make informed decisions with confidence.

Earn the maximum value

Earn the maximum value on your residential investment properties with minimum hassle. Sell your properties at your price. Our efficient process guarantees you receive the full value of your investment. Unlock your property's true potential with Landa.

Costs and Fees

Once an offer is finalized, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of all charges, costs, and your net proceeds.

Service fee

We charge a 2% fee on every listed property, similar to a real estate agent's commission.

Deal costs

Closing costs- standard costs for expenses like title insurance.  
Filing costs- covers the costs of  diligence and securitizing the property.

Net proceeds

This is the net amount you'll receive after all charges and costs have been deducted.

Frequently asked questions

What is Landa's stake in ensuring alignment of interests?

Landa covers 65% of the investment through lenders and platform investors contribute the remaining 35%. We also earn fees from the proceeds and provide a guarantee for closing, ensuring our interests are aligned with those of our stakeholders.

Who is responsible for the loan?

The loans are typically non-recourse, with limited recourse provided under specific circumstances.

How does Landa manage its properties?

Landa manages over 200 single-family residences in Atlanta using a dedicated local team.

Has Landa completed a full cycle of acquisition and financing for properties?

Yes, Landa has a proven track record visible in SEC filings and on our website. We have successfully completed the acquisition and financing cycle for 65 properties across our platforms.

What is Landa's track record to meet its debt obligations on acquisitions?

Landa has met its debt obligations for all of it acquisitions historically (250+ properties).  

What is the Fallback Provision?

If there is insufficient demand from investors after 180 days, the seller may activate a Fallback Provision, accepting 15% less than the owed amount.