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How does it work?

When it comes to selling your investment property with Landa the process is simple.

Submit property information

It's easy and quick to submit your residential investment property or portfolio for Direct Listing. Our streamlined process ensures you can get started by completing our simple submission form with details about your property.

We’ll review the details

Our team of experts will review to ensure your property meets our quality and investment potential criteria. If your property passes the initial review, we will reach out to you for any additional information needed to complete the evaluation process.

Calculating the estimate

It's easy and quick to submit your residential investment property or portfolio for Direct Listing. Our streamlined process ensures you can get started by completing our simple submission form with details about your property.

Earn the maximum value for your property

Earn the maximize the return on your residential investment property or portfolio with minimum hassle. Sell your property at your price. Our efficient process guarantees you receive the full value of your investment. Unlock your property's true potential with Landa.

Costs and Fees

Once an offer is finalized, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of all charges, costs, and your net proceeds.

Service fee

We charge a 5% fee on every home we buy, similar to a real estate agent's commission.

Filing fee

The filing fee covers the costs of securitizing the property in order to allow investors to buy and sell shares.

Closing costs

These costs are standard in every home sale and include expenses such as title insurance and appraisal fees.

Net proceeds

This is the net amount you'll receive after all charges and costs have been deducted.

Frequently asked questions

How do I earn money using Landa?

By owning shares of properties through Landa, you have the potential to earn money through monthly dividend distributions. These dividends are based on a percentage of the shares you own in the property and can vary due to factors such as anticipated and unexpected vacancies, changes in rent, and planned and unplanned maintenance expenses.

How do dividends work?

Dividends play a big role here at Landa. When you purchase shares in a property, you are eligible to receive dividends of a portion of the net rental income generated by the property. Meaning, every month after we collect rent and pay expenses, we distribute any profits (if there are) to the property shareholders.

Can I sell my shares of properties?

Properties move to trading once all shares have sold in the initial offering. At which point, you may choose the price you want to offer your shares for sale. We can't guarantee that someone will always buy your shares in your requested pricing, or that trading will be available at all. Learn more about how trading works here.

What is Lend?

When you buy shares of Lend, you invest in the fund, Landa Financing LLC. The funds raised for Lend are used to provide mortgages to rental properties. Lend collects monthly interest from its mortgage portfolio. These interest payments are then distributed as monthly dividends to shareholders. Lend enables investors to enjoy the profits from interest rates that have historically been only available to banks

Does Landa charge fees?

Landa Shares being offered in their primary offering do not involve any fees. A 2% trading fee is assessed on each side of a secondary order transaction. Landa does not retain any portion of the trading fee, and all trading fees are passed directly to our broker-dealer.

Is Landa secure?

Sensitive, personal, and otherwise identifying details, such as your social security number, are secured using military-grade (AES SHA256 HMAC) encryption during transit and at rest. We never have access to your bank login credentials. Our applications securely communicate with our servers using the Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) protocol with best-practice configurations and ciphers.