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Best way to invest in real estate online

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Naman Arora

Best way to invest in real estate online

The real estate market has always been a cornerstone of wealth creation and investment. With the advent of digital platforms, investing in real estate online has become increasingly accessible and diversified. In 2024, investors have a multitude of options ranging from traditional property purchases to innovative crowdfunding platforms. This article explores the best ways to invest in real estate online, highlighting key trends and strategies.

Joining Larger Real Estate Deals Online

In 2024, joining larger real estate deals online is one of the most accessible methods for individual investors. Online platforms allow investors to pool their resources with others and invest in larger, potentially more lucrative deals. These could be in commercial or residential properties. The beauty of this approach is the low entry point, with some platforms allowing investments as low as $500​​.

Buying Rental Properties

Purchasing rental properties remains a classic investment strategy. In the digital age, platforms like Roofstock make it easier to buy rental properties. These can range from single-family homes to larger multi-unit properties. The key advantage here is the generation of a steady cash flow from rentals, although this method requires more hands-on management and a significant upfront investment​​​​.

Flipping Houses

House flipping, popularized by numerous TV shows, involves buying underpriced homes, renovating them, and selling for a profit. While potentially lucrative, it requires a good understanding of the property market and renovation costs. Success in flipping hinges on finding properties that need minimal work for maximum profit​​​​.

Investing in REITs

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) offer a way to invest in real estate without owning physical properties. These trusts, which own and manage a portfolio of real estate assets, provide a way to invest in diverse property types like commercial buildings, retail spaces, and apartments. REITs are known for paying high dividends and are accessible through brokerage accounts, similar to investing in mutual funds​​.

Utilizing Online Real Estate Platforms

Online real estate platforms are a bridge between investors and real estate projects. These platforms connect investors to developers who need financing for their projects. While offering the potential for significant returns, they are often speculative and illiquid. Some platforms cater exclusively to accredited investors, although others like Fundrise and RealtyMogul provide opportunities for a broader investor base​​.

House Hacking

House hacking involves modifying a property to accommodate multiple tenants. This can include converting basements or adding accessory dwelling units (ADUs). This strategy allows property owners to generate extra income from their existing properties, although it may require checks with local regulations and HOAs​​.

Crowdfunding in Real Estate

Crowdfunding has emerged as a revolutionary way to invest in real estate. This method allows investors to fund real estate projects or portfolios through online platforms, with investments often starting at very low amounts. This approach democratizes real estate investing, offering opportunities to invest in high-quality projects that were previously accessible only to wealthy individuals or institutional investors.

Fractional Ownership and Syndication

Fractional ownership, especially in the context of crowdfunding, allows investors to own a part of a property or a portfolio of properties. Investors can earn rental income and potentially benefit from capital appreciation. This strategy is ideal for those looking to enter the real estate market with limited capital. However, it usually involves long-term commitments and lacks the liquidity of more traditional investments​​.


The landscape of online real estate investment in 2024 is diverse, offering various options to suit different investment goals and levels of capital. Whether it’s through direct property purchase, crowdfunding, REITs, or joining larger deals, the opportunities are vast. Each method comes with its own set of risks and rewards, and as always, conducting thorough research and due diligence is key to making informed investment decisions. The digital age has undoubtedly opened new doors for real estate investors, making it an exciting time to explore this ever-evolving field.

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