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Investing in the Future

Written by: 
Yishai Cohen

The World’s Largest Asset Class is Primed for Change

Historically, investors have flocked to real estate for its unique characteristics– strong cash flow, physical and tangible assets, and even access to fundamental socio-political processes like suffrage.

We were interested in learning more about the mechanics behind residential real estate investing, which represents a hefty $43 trillion market. But almost immediately, we identified a wide-reaching problem; the real estate industry as a whole is unattainable to the masses, riddled with complicated barriers to keep everyday investors just outside its ivory gates, not to mention marked by structural inefficiencies.

So while real estate investing has served to build wealth for many of the most prolific investors of recent generations, it has also revealed itself as a formidable bottleneck for greater socio-economic mobility.

Investing in the Future

The underlying issue that we at Landa have spent years evaluating and now challenge you to consider is — How can regular people invest in an asset class like real estate that has traditionally been so inaccessible?

The good news — we believe we have found the answer to really tough questions like this one. And we built what we believe is a real solution for real people.

By transforming the relationship between investors and residents into one that is symbiotic, we have built a platform that serves the different players that make up the real estate ecosystem.

As a Landa investor:

  • You can buy shares in properties across the U.S., beginning with $5, an accessible entry point.
  • You can earn steady cash flow, through monthly rental dividends distributions.
  • You own equity in residential real estate properties.

As a resident of a Landa-managed property:

  • You reside in well-maintained properties which are managed by a fully automated property management system directly from our mobile app.
  • A team of experts at Landa are available to assist you 24/7.

Announcing Our Series A

Now for the really good news, we aren’t alone in our belief that creating innovative solutions for the real estate and housing market are needed immediately. We are backed by leading venture investors, NFX, 83North, and Viola Ventures, who have invested more than $25 million in Landa to further this vision.

We also have tens of thousands of investors on our platform who have demonstrated their desire to be active participants in the residential real estate investing landscape. Together we are building a robust community of real estate investors.


Before we share some of the exciting developments that lie ahead, we want to take a moment to mention some exciting recent developments and milestones we accomplished this year.

  1. Adding multi-family buildings to the platform in order to provide our investors with more efficient unit economics.
  2. Upgrading our dividend distribution model to ensure our investors access maximum cash-flow value.
  3. Launching 50+ properties across 2 markets, including urban centers like New York City and Atlanta, following the post-COVID return of people to cities.

What Lies Ahead

If you are wondering what lies ahead, the long-term goal has always been to transform the real estate industry — help real people own equity in the housing market and elevate local communities with safe, well-maintained properties.

This means we have a lot more work to do. With this new funding round, we will expand to new markets, onboard new investors, develop the Landa community, and launch a robust education center to empower our investors and residents to level up their financial futures. So expect plenty of exciting product updates, new markets, and property offerings!

Just like any physical structure, when it comes to investing, there are building blocks, and the more you stack them, the more the structure’s value grows — an office, a hospital, a home. We are excited to continue to stack the building blocks of Landa alongside our investors and residents.

The Communication and the subject matter contained within it, do not constitute a solicitation to purchase or an offer to sell any securities. An investment in securities involves substantial risk, and there is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities. Please consult with your attorney, accountant, and/or tax advisor for advice before making any investments. Please visit here for more information.

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