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Understanding Zillow's 2024 Home Value Forecast

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Landa Team

Assessing Zillow's 2024 Home Value Projections

As the real estate market continues to normalize post-pandemic, Zillow's recent forecast comes as a breath of fresh air, especially for first-time buyers and real estate investors. The company's updated home value outlook suggests a 1.9% growth throughout 2024. This is a promising increase from a prior estimate, which was nearly half of the current projection at 0.9%. While this growth is modest compared to the historical norms and the rapid appreciation experienced during the pandemic, it represents a stabilizing market.

What This Means for First-Time Buyers

The latest forecast can be seen as a welcome development for first-time homebuyers who have been priced out of the market in recent years. A slowdown in price growth provides a better opportunity for these buyers to enter the market, although they still face challenges with elevated interest rates.

Impact on Real Estate Investors

For real estate investors, the updated Zillow forecast suggests stabilization and predictability in the market. The modest appreciation means investors can plan for a more sustainable growth trajectory, avoiding the unpredictability and inflated acquisition costs associated with market volatility.

Navigating Elevated Interest Rates

With interest rates remaining high, understanding the market dynamics is crucial for buyers and investors alike. Despite the dampening effect on buyer demand, elevated interest rates have also somewhat cooled down the frenzied competition for homes, therefore, potentially increasing the inventory and opportunities for diligent investors.


While the 1.9% projected growth for 2024 might not mirror the high-velocity growth patterns seen during the pandemic, it symbolizes a return to normalcy in the market. Real estate investors need to adapt to these changes, considering both the potential risks and opportunities these market conditions unveil. As always, a carefully strategized approach to real estate investing, taking into account detailed forecasts and economic indicators, remains critical to success.

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