Quarterly Review Q1 / 2024

Properties &
Dividend Performance

In Q1 2024, investors earned $183,893 in dividend income, an increase of 8.6% from Q4 2023.

With 150 properties distributing dividends in Q1, yields varied from 27% to 1%, with the average yields sitting at 6.3%.

The Landa market with the highest rent collection was New York, with quarterly rent collection at 95%. For detailed insights, each property's dividend performance is accessible on our platform under the Dividend section.

Diversity in dividends showcases the range of opportunities within the Landa portfolio.

Occupancy &
Property Management

Property management was busy facilitating 8 new move-ins and 16 renewals. This steady growth underscores our strategic approach to property management and investor satisfaction.

We are optimistic about our continued approach to improving our occupancy in the upcoming quarter.

We are also excited to share that following a survey sent to residents of properties managed by Landa - there was a 26% increase in resident satisfaction this quarter.

Lend Performance

Lend grew significantly this past quarter issuing financing for its ninth mortgage and distributing $16,874 in dividends to investors which represents 10% dividend growth from the previous quarter.

We’re so grateful for the trust you place in Landa to help achieve your investment goals.

Trading &
Secondary Market

This past quarter secondary trading volume more than doubled.

API users were pivotal, contributing over 70% of these transactions and driving innovation across our platform.