Maintenance Questions

Troubleshooting Tips for Common Household Issues

Quick Fixes for Ovens, Air Conditioning, Garbage Disposals, and More

Having issues with your household appliances or electrical system? Try these tips to resolve the problem quickly:

  • Oven not working: Make sure the time bake feature is not set. If it is, the oven will not heat.
  • Air conditioning not working: Check all circuit breakers. During hot weather or if there is an overload, the A/C breaker may flip and cause the unit to be unusable.
  • Garbage disposal not working: Check under the disposal unit and press the reset button. If an object is blocking the blades, you can try using an allen wrench to manually unjam the disposal. Avoid putting these items in the disposal to prevent issues: grease, potato peels, onion skins, pasta, egg shells, celery, apple peels, coffee grounds, carrot peels, cucumber peels, and fibrous vegetables (especially lettuce).
  • Electrical outlets and lights not working in certain areas of the home: Check the GFI plug, which is usually located in the garage, patio, kitchen, or bathroom. Reset the GFI plug to solve the problem. There may be more than one GFI, so check around the house to be prepared for any electrical issues.
  • Circuit breakers keep tripping: Make sure you haven't overloaded a particular outlet by using too many appliances at once. For example, using a microwave, a toaster, and another appliance on the same plug may cause the circuit breaker to trip.
  • Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors not working: Check the batteries in the unit. Note: It is the tenant's responsibility to replace the batteries in all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. If the alarm does not work after replacing the battery, contact the maintenance department.
  • Pest control: The landlord is responsible for termite and rodent control. If you have issues with ants, cockroaches, spiders, or other insects, the landlord will address the problem and prevent further infestations. If you have bed bugs, you are responsible for immediate treatment by a licensed pest control operator and the permanent removal of any affected items, such as mattresses, bedding, clothing, etc.

We hope these tips help you solve any issues you may be experiencing in your home. If you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our maintenance team for assistance.