Deactivate my account

How to Deactivate Your Investor Account in Our App/Web

We deeply value every member of our community. If you're contemplating deactivating your account, please adhere to the guidelines below for a seamless experience.

Key Points to Remember Before Deactivating:

  • For those holding shares in IPO properties,you must await their transition to the secondary market. Only once properties are in secondary, can you sell your shares, and proceed wih the deactivation process.
  • Investors with shares in Lend must maintain a hold of at least 12 months before redemption is possible. After this duration, you'll need to redeem your shares to initiate the deactivation.

Steps to Deactivate Your Account:

  1. Sell any and all shares you have within the app.
  2. Complete the withdrawal of all funds from your Landa account.
  3. Visit your profile page in the app and proceed with the deactivation process.

Note: Your privacy and the security of your data are of utmost importance to us. While certain data is mandatorily retained for legal compliance, it will be permanently deleted after a span of 6 years.