Property labels

Here are some quick descriptions and definitions of the various property labels you will find in the app.

Offering status labels


When you see the "New" label, it means that the property has just arrived on the app. The property is in its initial offering stage, where investors can purchase shares from the new series until all of the shares on offer have sold.

Waiting for Trading

Once the initial series of shares have all sold, the property will usually display the "Waiting for Trading" label. At this stage, investors can place buy and sell orders, but they will remain pending until the Landa team finalizes the process to transition the property into the Landa trading mode. For most properties, this stage will take between 48-72 hours.


The trading label means that the property is currently and actively trading on the Landa platform. Meaning you can buy or sell any available property shares on the Landa marketplace.

Property Type lables


Single Family Residence. This is typically a stand-alone single-family property that doesn’t share a mutual wall with any other property. Usually, it is fully surrounded by a garden, driveway, or private space.


Townhouse. These properties are also single-family residences but are connected to and share at least one wall with their neighboring unit.


Multi-Family Residence. This can be a single building or a collection of buildings under common ownership. These are multi-family properties, like apartments or condos, for example.