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Trading on Landa

How Trading Works on the Landa Platform

Once a property has completed its initial offering (IPO) and all shares have been sold (10,000 shares for single-family properties and 100,000 for multi-family properties), it becomes available for trading. You can view the details of each property, including offering status (IPO vs Trading), as well as the number of shares sold, directly in the app.

Trading Process Overview

Once a property moves to trading, investors can list their shares for sale at any chosen price (limit order) or opt for the market price (market order), which represents the highest buy order. Trades are executed during market hours, from 09:30 am to 5:00 pm EST, with a 2% trading fee applied to all transactions.

Market vs Limit Orders

On Landa, you have two main ways to trade shares: market orders or limit orders.

Market Orders

You buy or sell shares optimizing for speed at whatever price the shares are going for right now.

  • With a market buy order, you'll acquire shares at the lowest current sell price.
  • With a market sell order, you'll dispose of shares at the highest current buy price.
  • Limit Orders

    You decide a predetermined price at which you want to buy or sell shares.

    • You specify the maximum price you're willing to pay (for buying) or the minimum price you're willing to accept (for selling).
    • Your trade will only happen if someone agrees to your price.
    • If nobody matches your price, no trade happens.