How it works

How does Landa work?

Landa - real estate investing

Experience the Excitement of Revolutionary Property Investment with Landa

Unleash your investment potential with the groundbreaking Landa app. Our platform reshapes the landscape of property investment, making it more accessible, dynamic, and exhilarating than ever before.

Discover Outstanding Properties

Dive into our thrilling collection of superior rental properties on the Landa app. We've redefined property investment, handling all aspects of purchasing, leasing, and managing these assets, inviting you to join this investment revolution.

Own Shares in an LLC

Embrace this game-changing opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. Each of our LLCs owns a rental property, either directly or indirectly. We've broken down these properties into initial offerings (such as 10,000 shares), paving the way for your revolutionary investment experience.

Reap Rental Income

Enjoy the thrill of monthly distributions from your investment portfolio, aligned with each property's rental income and operating expenses. Experience the benefits of property investment with an exciting, hassle-free approach.

Sell with Freedom

Experience the thrill of trading on your terms. Once all initial shares of a property series are sold, you have the freedom to sell your shares whenever you wish. It's a novel, thrilling way to manage your property investment portfolio.

For a comprehensive understanding of your selling rights, and other important disclosures and legal documents related to trading with Landa, please visit our Legal Page.

Join the Revolution in Property Investment with Landa

Experience a new era of financial opportunities with Landa - the revolutionary property investment platform. Embark on this exhilarating investment journey with us today.