How do I make money through Landa?

Earning with Landa: How It Works

When you invest through Landa, there are two primary avenues for potential earnings:

  • Monthly Dividends: Earn passive income from property dividends.
  • Selling/Trading Shares: Trade shares in the secondary marketplace.

1. Monthly Dividends

Investing in real estate with Landa isn't just about property ownership. It's about potential earnings through monthly dividend distributions. The dividends you earn depend on the shares you own and are affected by various factors, from unexpected vacancies to changes in rental prices and unplanned expenses.

How do we determine the dividend? It's all about the property's financial dynamics:

  • Total Rent Collected: $1,000
  • Operating Expenses: $500
  • Cash Reserve: $100
  • Dividend Amount: $400

For more information about how dividends are calculated read

  • here
  • .

    It's important to remember that as more property shares get purchased, dividends get adjusted. This ensures they truly reflect ownership changes.

    2. Trading Shares

    After the initial shares of a property are sold (10,000 for single-family or 100,000 for multi-family properties), you can trade your shares in our marketplace. The share prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. If you sell your shares at a higher price than you purchased them, you will earn a profit through appreciation. However, it is also possible to sell at a lower price, resulting in a loss. Remember that these aren't listed stocks and that trading and liquidity aren't guaranteed.

    Does Landa Ever Sell Properties?

    Our primary strategy is long-term property holding, giving investors the freedom to sell shares via the app. In the rare instance a property gets sold, the sale proceeds (after clearing any mortgages and expenses) are distributed among the property's investors. Importantly, Landa doesn't charge fees or take profits from such sales.

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