Understanding the order book

Order Book Explained

The order book is a dynamic, real-time ledger of all pending buy and sell orders in the market for a particular property. It provides investors with a visual representation of market demand and supply at various price levels. The order book is structured as follows:

  • Bids: These are buy orders, listed in descending order with the highest price (i.e., the price a buyer is willing to pay) at the top. This represents the maximum price buyers are currently willing to pay for the property shares.
  • Asks: These are sell orders, listed in ascending order with the lowest price at the top. This is the minimum price sellers are currently willing to accept for a property share.
Order Book

The order book lists all buy and sell orders, providing real-time market data. It's divided into bids (buy orders) and asks (sell orders) by amount and price.

How Orders are Matched

Orders on Landa are matched based on price and time priorities. The best-priced orders take precedence (orders with matches), and among those, earlier orders have priority over later ones. This system ensures fairness and efficiency in the market.

Recent Trades

Recent Trades

You can also view Recent Trades under the Order Book. Recent Trades represent the most recent trades in terms of price and volume for a particular property.