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Selling my shares

Selling your Shares

Listing Your Shares for Sale:

You can list your shares for sale to other investors on the platform. To do so, navigate to the desired property page in the app (easiest way to do this is through your Portfolio page) and look for the "Trade" button.

You can see any offers to purchase shares for any property in trading, with their various price points and volumes. This information is listed in the order books for each trading property.

How to Price Your Shares

You may set your share price according to your preferences. However, bear in mind:

  • Setting a specific price doesn't guarantee a buyer at your price.
  • To quicker sales, consider pricing your shares with the current range of available offers.
  • If you do not set a price, the system will default to the market price, submitting the highest available buy order price.

Because trading shares are based on investor supply and demand, we can't guarantee that someone will always buy your shares or that trading will always be available.

Viewing Offers

The app provides real-time insights into active offers. You can view:

  • Current price points.
  • Volume of shares.

All this data is systematically organized in the order books

Trading Constraints and Fees

Be mindful of trading hours and fees:

  • Market Hours: Matches are made during specified market hours only.
  • Fees: Each trade incurs a 2% fee, affecting both buyers and sellers. The trading fee is charged by our third-party broker-dealer to process trading transactions. We do not retain any portion of the trading fee, and all trading fees will be passed directly to our broker-dealer.

Please review the applicable offering circular for more information. You may obtain a copy of the offering circular here.