How does buying and selling shares work?

What am I buying, exactly?When you invest, you are buying a share (or multiple shares) of a limited liability company (“LLC”) that owns a single rental property.

Each share gives you the right to your partial (“pro rata”) profit earned by the LLC. For an LLC that is offered at 10,000 shares, each share you buy will provide you the right to earn a fraction (0.01%, to be exact) of the profits of that LLC.

What about selling? After all the original series shares of a property are sold, you can offer your shares for sale and allow other investors to buy them from you. Keep in mind that while you can place a sell order at any time, you will not be matched until the original series shares have all sold.

When you choose to sell your shares, you can add market orders or limit orders.

It's also important to note that we can’t guarantee that a secondary market will be available. You must be prepared to hold your shares indefinitely.

For more information you can review the legal documents and disclosures on our legal page.