Identifying Scams

Beyond the protections we apply to every Landa account, here are some tips for identifying scams.

PhishingScammers may target you to obtain sensitive information, such as your account information or Social Security number. This is commonly referred to as phishing. Phishing attacks often start with an email, phone call, or text message by someone pretending to be a credible person or organization. In these messages, you could be directed to enter your personal information on a fake site that looks like a legitimate website, disclose personal information over the phone, or click through an email or text message that may contain a bad link. These tactics can result in your personal information being compromised.

Once a scammer has this information, they can use it to access accounts such as your email, social media accounts, or bank accounts. For you, this can result in identity theft and financial loss.

Identifying PhishingKeep in mind that phishing websites and links can look very similar to legitimate websites. Someone may pretend to be from Landa or a company you know, and trust and call, email, or text you. Scammers may trick you by claiming they can fix your account problems if you download software, or if you give them your Landa username and associated email, personal information, or information that you use for other platforms. Scammers may even go as far as creating a false sense of urgency so you'll share information that you typically wouldn't.

If you do receive text messages and emails with links, always be cautious about clicking on those links — especially if you don't expect it or recognize the sender. You may receive texts with attractive offers for free money or similar enticing deals. If it sounds too good to be true, it very well may be.

Learn more about how to spot phishingWe recommend looking over this guidance from the FTC to learn how to recognize and avoid phishing scams.

The Landa Team will never do the following:

    - Send you links within text messages
    - Direct you to download remote desktop access software
    - Ask you for your bank login information or any Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) codes you were sent
    - requires you to provide information or credentials regarding your accounts on other trading platforms or services.
    - Requests you to send money through different apps such as CashApp or WhatsApp or via text messages.

Identifying ScamsIf you ever suspect your account security has been compromised, contact Landa Support immediately at